Should I Lose Weight Before a Tummy Tuck?

Among the most common questions we get from our tummy tuck candidates are whether they need to shed pounds before having the procedure and, if so, how much they need to lose. There’s no single answer to either question. It all depends on you – how much extra fat you have on your body and… Read More »

5 Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Did you know that tummy tucks are among the most popular plastic surgery procedures? According to the Aesthetic Society, the market for tummy tucks increased by 49% from 2020 to 2021. However, this isn’t the only popular procedure, and plastic surgeons don’t expect the popularity of elective surgery to decrease anytime soon. There are many… Read More »

8 Convenient Benefits of Getting a Tummy Tuck

Do you sometimes feel embarrassed to wear clothing that reveals too much of your tummy? Do you dread having to go shirtless at the beach or pool? If you’re looking to reduce stomach fat and gain your self-confidence back, you might want to consider getting a tummy tuck. Since tummy tucks have become increasingly popular… Read More »

How to Prepare for Your Tummy Tuck Procedure

If you’re thinking about visiting a tummy tuck doctor, it’s important to know what you can do to best prepare for the procedure. There are a few steps that you should take before your visit in order to ensure the safety and success of your surgery. Below are some things you can do to prepare… Read More »