Breast Revision | Implant Exchange

Breast Revision | Implant Exchange in Atlanta, GA

Breast revision or implant exchange is surgery to remove, replace, or reposition breast implants or to correct a problem with implants. If you are dissatisfied with how your breasts look after your augmentation procedure or experiencing a breast implant complication, you may need breast revision surgery.

Mark Crispin, MD, at Crispin Plastic Surgery, performs breast revision surgery in Atlanta to resolve implant problems, help patients achieve the look they want, and restore their pride in their bodies. Dr. Crispin is a board-certified plastic surgeon who consistently delivers beautifully natural-looking results for his patients. He has the skill and experience to perform the often-complex procedures required for breast revision. He and his staff run a warm and welcoming practice where patients are listened to and valued for who they are.

To learn more about breast revision or implant exchange surgery with Dr. Crispin, contact Crispin Plastic Surgery today to schedule a complimentary consultation in Atlanta. 

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What is Displacement of Breast Implants?

Why You Might Consider Breast Revision/Implant Exchange with One of the Best Plastic Surgeons in Atlanta

The size, shape, and appearance of your breasts can affect your feelings about your body and your self-esteem. When a previous breast augmentation procedure fails to create the desired results, the results change in undesirable ways over time, or your breast tissue reacts badly to the implants, you might benefit from or even require breast revision surgery. Here are some of the reasons women consider (or need) breast revision surgery:

Desire to change the type or size of implants. Over time, your body or your ideals for your body may change, and you may want to have larger or smaller implants. You might also choose to replace saline implants with silicone implants.

Change in implant position. In rare cases, implants move away from their original position. They may shift to the outside or center of the chest, or they may move up or down (bottoming out). When this happens, the breast has an unnatural appearance. Breast revision surgery replaces or repositions the implants and enhances the structure of the pocket to keep them in place. 

Implant rupture. When a saline implant ruptures, the breast goes back to its pre-implant size, which can be a cosmetic concern as the breasts will no longer be symmetrical. (The body naturally absorbs the saline fluid inside with no negative health effects.) When a silicone implant ruptures, there is usually no visible change. The rupture is typically detected in an MRI or other routine cancer screening. For health reasons, a ruptured silicone implant should be removed or replaced.

Capsular contracture. It’s normal for the body to respond to an implant by forming a layer of scar tissue around it. But when this scar tissue thickens and hardens, the breast’s shape can be distorted in a reaction called capsular contracture, and the problem can cause discomfort or pain. When women experience capsular contracture, breast revision surgery removes the hardened capsular tissue and the implant.

What Are My Breast Revision | Implant Exchange Surgery Options With Dr. Crispin?

Breast revision and implant exchange surgery can involve sophisticated techniques, requiring a surgeon with experience and specialized skills, like Dr. Crispin. Your procedure will be customized to address your unique concerns and goals. Surgical options include:

Because of the wide range of problems that may need to be addressed with breast revision surgery, the complexity of some of the procedures, and the care that must be taken when revising a previous surgery, it is vital to use a surgeon who is an experienced specialist in revision work. Dr. Crispin has been an instructor on applications of cosmetic breast revision procedures nationwide.

Are You a Good Candidate for Breast Revision or Implant Exchange?

Dr. Crispin can tell you if you are a good candidate for breast revision or implant exchange as part of your consultation with him. You may be a good candidate if you:

If you smoke, you must be able to quit for several weeks before and after your surgery.

Exceptional Results & Compassionate Care

For over 25 years, Dr. Crispin has been the top choice for plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in the area. You’re provided with professional and compassionate care at the office, and it’s no wonder Dr. Crispin is named one of the Top Doctors in 2023 by Atlanta Magazine.

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Planning Your Breast Revision or Implant Exchange Surgery

Planning for your breast revision or implant exchange starts with your consultation with Dr. Crispin. He will ask questions to learn your medical history and understand your goals for the procedure, perform an examination to understand any problems or concerns and answer all your questions. Based on his observations and what he learns from you, he will recommend an approach to treatment that will give you optimal results in the safest way. He will explain his surgical plan and what you can expect throughout the process. Dr. Crispin’s goal in every cosmetic surgery is to create natural-looking results that are in harmony with the patient’s features, taking the surgical approach that promises the best outcomes and holds the lowest risk.

What to Expect After Your Breast Revision or Implant Exchange Surgery

Your experience in recovery from breast revision surgery will be similar to your recovery from your original augmentation procedure. You’ll need to arrange for someone to drive you home after your surgery once the anesthesia has worn off and you are fully alert. Plan to rest at home for a few days. After your surgery, you will need to wear a supportive bra. This bra will help keep your breast tissue (and implants, if replaced) in position as you heal and reduces swelling and discomfort. Any initial discomfort can be managed with pain medication. You’ll probably need help with household tasks for the first few days, as you won’t be able to reach above your head or lift anything heavy.

Most patients are able to return to work 5 to 7 days after their surgery. You might need more time off if your surgery involved placement of ADM or if your job requires heavy lifting. You can resume low-impact aerobic exercise about a month after surgery and all vigorous physical activity in approximately two months.
Postoperative swelling will be most noticeable in the first two weeks and gradually subside. You’ll immediately notice the breast size and shape change from the surgery and expect to see final results after about six months.

Long-Lasting Results

Dr. Mark Crispin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and expertise in breast,  body and facial plastic surgery. 

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Contact Crispin Plastic Surgery online or by calling (404) 257-0064 to schedule a consultation for breast revision or implant exchange with Dr. Crispin. He will ask questions to understand your goals for treatment, examine you, and give his recommendations for the best and safest approach. Patients throughout the Atlanta area choose Dr. Crispin because of his caring approach, his surgical expertise, and his beautifully natural-looking results.

Atlanta Breast Revision | Implant Exchange - FAQs with Dr. Mark Crispin

Your implants only have to be replaced if you have a complication: capsular contracture, implant rupture, or implant displacement. 

Your implants never have to be removed or replaced unless you experience one of the above issues or complications. 

Breast revision surgery is very common. Dr. Crispin is very experienced in taking on complicated breast procedures. 

There is not a specific limit on this; however, the more surgeries you undergo, the harder it is on the breast tissue and blood supply that heals the incisions. 

When implants are removed and not replaced, the remaining breast tissue is typically stretched out from the implant and often droops. This can be left alone. However, it is typically addressed with a breast lift. 

No. The skin is stretched and does not return to its previous status pre implants. 

The cost depends on many factors, as all revision surgeries differ and depend on the patient’s specific problems/complaints.

Typically no, as there are usually more procedures involved with revision surgeries-however, this varies from patient to patient.

Most likely yes – breast revision surgeries are often more involved than your original procedure and may require drain placement for three to seven days. Drains help prevent infection and other complications and lead to quicker healing times.

ADM is a medical-grade manufactured tissue replacement that is used to add structure within soft tissue. ADM may be used in the correction of implants that have moved out of position and can help prevent capsular contracture.

The incisions for breast revision or implant exchange surgery almost always follow the lines of the original augmentation procedure, so your scars will not be more visible than they were after your earlier surgery. If you have a breast lift as part of your revision surgery, additional incisions may be needed. These will be concealed within the natural contours of your breasts.

Typically revision surgery is more involved than the original procedure as it corrects a problem.

No-it is more painful to have implants placed than removed.