Male Facelift

Male Facelift Surgery in Atlanta, GA

Facelifts come in all shapes and sizes and are customized to meet your individual aesthetic goals. Basically, the face includes your cheeks, your jowls, and your neck. Any or all of these areas can be addressed surgically if you are uncomfortable with the visible signs of facial aging.

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What Are My Facelift Surgery Options?

A rhytidectomy, the technical name for a facelift, is a rejuvenation procedure that can smooth, tighten, redefine, contour, and refresh an aging face and neck. Procedures involving the face are highly individualized and customizable.

Depending upon the areas targeted, surgical solutions may be minimally invasive and entail limited downtime, or they may call for two or more procedures to be performed, such as a face and brow lift.

Surgical Solutions By Target Areas

If the aging of your face is visible or bothersome only in its middle part and along the jawline (the jowl): An incision can be made in front of the ear and around the lobule of the ear, ending in the crease behind the ear. This approach addresses that part of your face above the jawline. This operation is generally termed a mini-facelift, although it has many other names, including the “weekend facelift.”

If the aging of your face includes both the skin and muscle above the jawline and the skin and muscle of the neck: A full facelift, better termed a face and neck lift, is appropriate in such instances. This approach requires an incision in front of the ear and behind the ear, ending in the hairline.

If your only complaint is loose skin, banding, and loose muscles of the neck: neck lift is an appropriate procedure. This incision begins just in front of the ear lobule, proceeds in the crease behind the ear, and ends in the hairline.

Male Facelift Recovery & Results

Most patients return to work or their normal routines within 10 days. The majority of swelling will subside within 10 to 14 days. Light exercise may be resumed within four weeks. In the hands of an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Crispin, your face will appear younger and refreshed. The goal is to look rested, not pulled or startled. Most facelift results should last you for years. Genetics and limiting sun exposure will affect your long-term results.

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