Brow Lift

Brow Lift Surgery in Atlanta, GA

The forehead often shows the telltale signs of aging. Frown lines or creases—known as dynamic lines—can etch themselves into the forehead in your 20s. As we age, the face can take on the appearance of extreme fatigue or even anger.

This often results from a drooping forehead and/or heavy, hooded eyes, generally due to age-related skin and muscle laxity. A brow lift is a surgical procedure that tightens and lifts the brow, resulting in a more youthful, alert appearance.

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Is a Brow Lift My Only Option?

The best candidates for a brow lift surgery have low brows, hooding to the upper lid that is alleviated when the brow is manually manipulated to a higher, “more correct” position, a diminished brow arch, or a brow arch that resides in the eye socket.

There are important differences between the surgical treatments:

  • Facelift surgery targets the area from the cheeks down. This surgery is not a solution for forehead or brows.
  • A brow lift elevates the brows and forehead and can affect the eyelid skin.
  • An eyelid lift, or blepharoplasty, reduces the amount of skin and fat on the lids but will not change the brow position or its shape.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Crispin will carefully consider the effects of aging on your face as a whole and the areas you want to be refreshed. Together, you will select the least invasive procedure(s) that will result in a natural, balanced look.

What Are My Brow Lift Surgery Options?

An endoscopic brow lift is preferable when possible because of its many benefits. This technique requires only very small incisions along the hairline, through which Dr. Crispin can gently lift the muscles, tissue, and skin of your forehead into an elevated, smoother position. Thanks to the small incisions, this technique may minimize both surgical and recovery time.

Your brow lift may be customized to your unique features. Dr. Crispin may place incisions at the brow itself, at the hairline, or behind the hairline. The scars will be located as discreetly as possible.

What Makes A Good Brow Lift?

Subtle elevation makes a very aesthetic brow lift. You do not want the brows to be pulled too high, which can result in a surprised look. A brow lift will reduce but not remove dynamic lines. Botox®  injections will help smooth any residual creasing.

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Combining A Brow Lift And Eyelid Surgery

A brow lift and blepharoplasty can be performed simultaneously but care needs to be exercised not to remove too much skin or elevate the brow. Dr. Crispin will ensure that your final results appear natural rather than artificially enhanced.

What Are Recovery Times After a Brow Lift Surgery?

Many patients return to work or normal activity within three to four days. Exercise is restricted for a week. Strenuous or aerobic exercise may be resumed in three to four weeks. Swelling and bruising substantially subside between one and three weeks after the procedure.

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Atlanta Brow Lift - FAQs

Patients usually seek a brow lift starting at age 40. However, younger patients may benefit from a brow lift if they have inherited brow droop.

Although a brow lift is permanent, your skin will continue to age. Minimizing time in the sun and a healthy lifestyle will help maintain surgery results.   

Yes, it can if your eyebrows are really low, a brow lift may help. 

It depends on the specific person. An eyelid lift is most effective for people with excess skin and droopy upper lids. A brow lift is best for those that have heavy or droopy brows.

Botox will provide a temporary and more subtle result, while a brow lift will last many years.

With the aging process, wrinkles continue to develop with time. Botox will help address the wrinkles.