Breast Asymmetry

Breast Asymmetry Surgery in Atlanta, GA

Surprisingly, most women will experience breast asymmetry during their lifetime. When this occurs, one breast will appear uneven in size, volume, position, or form. These breast fluctuations can result from puberty, breastfeeding, genetics, or hormonal changes due to pregnancy and menopause. The asymmetry may come and go and is usually not significant.

For some women, the asymmetry is persistent and quite severe, possibly causing emotional distress and physical discomfort. Dr. Mark Crispin offers surgical solutions to create a more balanced, natural contour.

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At What Age Can I Have Asymmetry Corrective Surgery?

Dr. Crispin recommends delaying this surgery until your breasts stop growing, typically when you are around 18 years old. However, weight changes, pregnancy, and older age can alter the size of breasts.

What Are Tubular Breasts And How Can They Be Fixed?

Tubular breasts are the result of a congenital abnormality. The breasts may be elongated and display droopy areola hypertrophy (the areola size is larger than normal and/or with extremely large nipples). This condition may affect one or both breasts.

Corrective surgery entails broadening the constricted base of the breast with radial incisions internally and adding an implant. At times, it will be necessary to also decrease the width and the protrusion of the nipple-areolar complex with an incision around the complex.

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What Are My Surgical Options to Correct Breast Asymmetry?

Taking into account your unique anatomy, Dr. Crispin may correct your asymmetric breasts with one of the following procedures:

Breast augmentation is an optimal option if you want to increase the overall size or fullness of your breasts or match the size and shape of your larger breast. Dr. Crispin will place implants that may vary in size in the breast or breasts being treated to achieve a natural, symmetrical look. Dr. Crispin offers all implants available, such as Gummy Bear, Silicone, Teardrop and Saline. Together, you and Dr. Crispin will decide on the best implant option during your initial consultation.

Some patients prefer the size of smaller breasts. In a breast reduction, tissue is removed from the larger breast by excision.

Excess skin and may contribute to sagging, asymmetric breasts. A breast lift removes the extra skin and tightens the breast tissue. The result is a perkier, balanced contour. Many patients require a combination of a lift and reduction. These two procedures can be performed at the same time.

Will My Breast Go Back To Normal Size If I Lose Weight?

With weight loss, the substance or gland of the breast is decreased in size, but the skin will only shrink so much to accommodate the smaller gland. Along with this, you will develop some droop to the breast.

Long-Lasting Results

Dr. Mark Crispin is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive training and expertise in breast,  body and facial plastic surgery. 

Breast Asymmetry Corrective Surgery Recovery

Most patients may return to work or their regular routines within five to seven days of surgery. Strenuous exercise may be resumed after 30 days. The doctor asks that all patients refrain from vigorous physical activity for two months post-surgery.

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